Depth of Market
Meet Depth of Market (DOM), our new useful tool for MetaTrader 4 trading terminal. DOM for ECN Prime provides full information on liquidity and its features allow for one-click trading: now you can configure a trade's settings, open positions and place orders very quickly.
Depth of Market (DOM) for ECN Prime
Depth of Market operates on Windows 7 or higher and is only available for the assets that are traded on ECN, except CFD.
Our new useful tool for MetaTrader 4 trading terminal
AMTS Depth of Market features
Reflecting current liquidity
One-click trading. It optimizes the trader's work in situations when the speed is especially important. For example, scalping or pipsing
Sending market orders as limit orders with limited slippage
Placing pending orders
Setting stop-loss and take-profit values when opening orders on a certain distance in points
Calculation of a weighted average price (VWAP) for a specific volume
Closing all open orders and deleting all pending orders, including sorting by specific assets
Automatically taking DOM liquidity screenshots at the moment when the trade is executed