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RAMM Strategies
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RAMM is a secure investment service that allows you to make a profit in financial markets by following the trading strategies of experienced traders.

Invest in the most profitable strategies, build your own and get a high reward from investors.

The funds remain in your account and are used only when you open positions.
RAMM Portfolio
Risk diversification
Diversify risks using multiple RAMM strategies.

Once registered, you will have access to a strategy rating. You can use any number of offers at the same time.

You can also set a loss limit for each strategy.

Your funds will bring even more profit with RAMM strategies
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Risk Warning. Trading Forex and CFDs on margin is considered a speculative product and carries a higher risk than trading instruments such as stocks. You should not invest in margin trading on forex or CFDs unless you fully understand these investment products. You should obtain financial, legal, tax and other professional advice before undertaking forex and CFD trading to ensure that it meets your objectives, needs and circumstances.